Audrey Ochoa is one of Edmonton’s most prolific trombone players, playing Jazz, Rock, Pop, Latin, Punk, Ska and whatever other genre will have her.

Audrey released her debut album in 2014, “Trombone and Other Delights” which spent several consecutive months on the !Earshot! Jazz Charts, eventually earning the #5 spot on the annual top 10 for 2014.  Most recently, Audrey has completed her second album with her trio “Afterthought”.  The new album features her own compositions performed by herself and two of Edmonton’s finest, Mike Lent and Sandro Dominelli. Lending his mixing talents to the trio will Battery Poacher (Dallas Budd), who will be adding the sounds of psychadelia, hip hop and house to this otherwise bare bones trio of Bass, Drums and Trombone.


2017 – Audrey Ochoa Trio – “Afterthought”

2015 – Jay Gilday – Unreleased

2014 – Soulicitors

2014 – Justine Vandergrift – “Sailor”

2014 – Paul Ledding – “He’s Not the One”

2014 – Audrey Ochoa Quartet – “trombone and Other Delights”

2012 – Don Berner Sextet – “Love Letters to a Rat – Free Province”

2011 – Thereza Schlenkirk

2011 – Dan Sinasac

2010 – Thea Neumann

2010 – Al Brandt

2010 – Raphael Freynet – “Le Monde A Voir”

2010 – Don Berner Sextet – “Invades Calgary, Live at the Beat Niq”

2009 – Dave Babcock’s Jump Orchestra

2008 – William Cramer and the Bullies of Basin St.

2007 – Los Caminantes – “Volume One”

2006 – Christina Schmolke – “First Time Out”

2005 – Grant MacEwan/University of Alberta Jazz – “First Time Out”

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